CICLIAMA begins its cycling adventure in 1983 with a mechanical craft company, denominated A.M.A, whom used to build bicycles.

During the years has developed and extended its working areas becoming a store, CICLIAMA


CICLIAMA’s store it’s located in the heart of Tirano, nearby Torre Ottocentesca ‘’Torelli’’ and Castello delle Antiche Mura, tourist destination and start point of interesting bicycle tour both for mountain or racing bikes.

CICLIAMA offers its own knowledge and working ability to allow its client to live their cycling passion. Bicycles are a means of transport which are growing in popularity in Italy thanks to its health benefits along with its facility to be parked and it also permit to save money.

Sondrio offers beautiful touristic sceneries with its copious valleys, summits and lakes and CICLIAMA, thanks to its innovative products and knowledge in the cycling world, it became a reference point for cyclist enthusiast.


CICLIAMA has a large expositive store with a well-equipped bicycles section, clothing, replacement parts and accessories all of them with good quality brands. Inside the showroom CICLIAMA has a well-equipped repair shop where professional in the field offers a quality support for bicycles repairing and maintenance.

Tirano has always been a touristic destination, that’s why CICLIAMA has many rental cycles including high level mountain bikes, amateur mountain bikes, tandem bikes and high range carbon racing bikes (Bianchi) for this reason it’s able to satisfy every cyclist needs.

CICLIAMA offers a wide range of services and it also guarantees the utmost professionalism.

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